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Hydraulic Power Packs by Justar: Engineered Excellence for Your Operations

Welcome to Justar Hydraulic, a distinguished factory specializing in cutting-edge hydraulic equipment. As the proud creators of the renowned Justar brand, we stand at the forefront of hydraulic innovation, dedicated to delivering superior solutions to meet your industrial needs.

Justar Hydraulic is a leading name in the realm of hydraulic technology, committed to providing top-tier products and services. Our company’s legacy revolves around a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that our hydraulic power units redefine industry standards.

Synonymous with reliability and performance, the Justar brand embodies quality craftsmanship and technological innovation. At Justar Hydraulic, we take pride in our ability to offer hydraulic power units that seamlessly blend efficiency, durability, and precision.

Explore our range of Hydraulic Power Units, where power meets precision. Our units are meticulously engineered to cater to diverse applications, providing robust and efficient solutions for your hydraulic power needs. Whether for industrial machinery, construction equipment, or any hydraulic system, Justar Hydraulic Power Units deliver unmatched performance.

Elevate your hydraulic experience with Justar Hydraulic – where innovation and reliability converge in every hydraulic power unit we produce.

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Specification Of Our Hydraulic Power Unit

Motor Voit Motor Power Rated Speed Displacement System Pressure Tank Capacity Solenoid Valve Voit L(mm)
12VDC 1.5KW 2500RPM 1.2ml/r 20MPa 3.5L 12VDC 409
1.6ml/r 5L 459
2.1ml/r 5L 459
24VDC 2.2KW 2.1ml/r 6L 24VDC 509
2.5ml/r 8L 579
2.7ml/r 8L 579
12VDC 1.5KW 2500RPM 1.2ml/r 20MPa 3.5L 12VDC 411
1.6ml/r 5L 464
2.1ml/r 5L 461
24VDC 2.2KW 2.1ml/r 6L 24VDC 511
2.5ml/r 8L 581
2-7ml/r 8L 581
220VAC 2.2KW 2850RPM 2.5ml/r 18MPA 12L 12VDC 677
3.2ml/r 14MPA 14L 24VDC 727
3.7ml/r 12MPA 16L 2 4 VAC 777
380VAC 3KW 3.7ml/r 16MPA 16L 110VAC 777
4.2ml/r 15MPA 20L 220VAC 877
5ml/r 12MPA 25L 220VAC 1002

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